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    Our Premium Article Writing Service

    Q: Are Divine Articles 100% unique?
    A: Yes, all of the articles we write are 100% unique.  More importantly, Google loves the articles we write because they are professional articles without the added fluff and the excessive use of keywords that make so many articles found on the web sound awkard and incompetent, therefore diminshing your search engine friendly results.  Every article we write for our clients is run though Copyscape to guarantee 100% uniqueness each and every time!  We use Copyscape as part of the process because even though our articles are unique, with so many people marketing online these days, every once in a while any two articles can be similar enough to not pass Google's content qualifications.  We have your back :-)
    Q: How long will I need to wait for my article (s)?
    A: Most of the orders we receive will be completed within 4 to 5 days.  If you have an emergency situation, just let us know and we'll expeditate your order.  Larger orders can take as long as 5 to 7 business days.
    Q: How do I place an order for articles?
    A: To order, simply visit our order page and let us know what you need.  Once we receive your order, we'll invoice you through Paypal, which is an easy and secure service for processing orders.  You don't even need a Paypal account to pay your invoice because they take most major credit cards.
    Q: What will I get with the Divine Article $19.95 Tri Pak?
    A: Our Divine Article $19.95 Tri Pak includes 1 unique 500 word article, 2 Facebook posts and 3 Twitter Tweets.
    Q: Why should I have Divine Articles write my content?
    A:  We are professionals backed by hundreds of real world testimonials, and it is our mission to keep you as a long term client.  I myself have hired  people who claimed to be "Professfional Writers" in the past and was astounded by the poor quality content that they felt comfortable sending to me. Yes, I was only paying a few dollars for an article, and at times you do get just what you pay for.  On the other hand, there's no way on earth I'd ever turn in the junk I've received in the past.  Out of these kinds of experiences, I started Divine Article and have been rewarded by working with some of the most successful online marketers and web-based services on the internet today.
    Q: Is there anything you don't have the experience to write about?
    A: We've written articles on every subject including travel, product reviews, healthy and fitness, beauty and anti-aging, self esteem, self improvement, real estate, business practices as well as male enhancement and sports related articles. We are also exceptional researchers and researching is just plain fun for us; a constant education and just a few clicks away.  Because we understand that your number one objective is more than likely to provide engaging content that enhances your professional reputation and boosts your sales conversions, we create articles with both your personal and professional goals in mind.
    Q: How much do you charge to write articles?
    A: Our article writing prices are available in a simple format on our order page. If you have a project that isn't covered on our order page, simply email us with the specifics and we'll get right back to you with a quote. In addition, if you refer a friend to Divine Article, you'll receive an article for FREE :-)

    Referral Program - Get a Free Article Top of Page

    Q: How do I get a free article?
    A: Divine Article will give you 1 free, 500 word article for everyone you refer.  Just email us and let us know your referral's name, or have them mention yours, and we'll make sure you get your free article.

    Our Other Services Top of Page

    Q: How does your Twitter posting service work?
    A: Email Divine Article your Twitter Tweet and we'll post it on our health or real estate related Twitter pages, both with over 4000 followers. For $10.00 we post your Tweet 5 days in a row. It's a great way to get your product or services in front of a wide audience.

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